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samedhco advertising company worked since 1989 to provide integrated advertising services contributed to the development of the advertising industry In egypt

samehco ?

samehco have qualified staff of professional technicians and factory equipment to be integrated output
and installation of all systems on the paintings in addition to the fullest.

  • Al-Khader & Samhco provides plastic forming services in which plastic panels such as PVC, acrylic plastic sheets and polyester plastic sheets are used. It can form any three dimensional shape and can form thousands of shapes that serve several fields such as advertising agencies, decoration companies, packaging factories, casting molds.

  • Al-Khader & Samehco is one of the pioneers in printing the wire screen on the demon used in the manufacture of traffic signs and auto reflectors, using the finest raw materials accurately and efficiently

  • We have the latest laser & raster machines for drilling, cutting & milling of wood, acrylic &
    The work of huge billboards, storefronts and restaurants (cladding, wood, acrylic)
    Digging and drawing personal pictures on wood, working wooden portraits and drawing wooden tabloids
    Implement graduation projects for students of engineering colleges on wood, acrylic and forex

  • Al-Khidr & Samehco Corporation is considered one of the leading institutions in supplying the best and finest raw materials of reflective scotchlight and diamond reels in all sizes and colors in the Delta region.

  • The company offers the latest printing techniques on surfaces that are used in display stands, tables and landscaping.

  • The latest metal, mechanical, mechanical, and aluminum machines, household tools, spare parts and foundries, metal parts are allowed to:
    Decoration companies.
    Blacksmiths and gate manufacturers.
    Advertising companies.

  • The company is proud of the confidence of its customers with the publications prepared by the most accurate specifications and the latest international digital printing machines, up to five meters wide. The colors are widely handled and developed according to the basis of accurate study backed by scientific and practical experience. It also has the ability to put the protective and protective layer, and the company also has a place to clean the cars in the hands of skilled workers and trained in the most accurate work.

  • The company occupies a great position in the use of Cuter Plotter for cutting vinyl and raw light and printed Scotch used in traffic signs, auto reflectors and transport advertising.

  • Al-Khidr and Samehco provide transport and jumbo car danglers and diffusers to the largest car companies with the highest quality and the best material.

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