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About Us – aps-samehco

About samehco

Specialized advertising company worked during the last twenty-five years to provide integrated advertising services contributed to the development of the advertising industry In Egypt , where we adopt a methodology based on the work of the pre-planning and good preparation and hard work to make and implement innovative ideas renewable and advanced solutions working to build a constructive strategy with our customers to ensure continuity relationship seeks to highlight the identity of its customers and the development of positive impression about them through  integrated technical services and specialized cadres

Why samehco ?

Because we evolution, excellence, professionalism, commitment and we can do more. samehco Is the correct choice and destination where innovation alone is not enough to make a success In the changing world of advertising has always. Success does not make a coincidence but is the result of prior planning and deep perception and analysis of a wide Technical and innovative manner so always strive to provide our customers the service that exceeds expectations and speed of delivery and punctuality and reliability at work.

Our Vision

Providing innovative global work by providing services that exceed expectations in cooperation with partners and consultants in Egypt and abroad to become a recognized national and international organization in the field of advertising and marketing.

Our Message

To keep abreast of the developments and innovations of the world of advertising and provide them to our customers in accordance with their requirements and establish a long-term strategic partnership by meeting all their needs with the highest standards of professionalism

Our Goal

Providing high-quality products and maintaining good production level for customer satisfaction while ensuring a secure future for their investments through strategic partnerships. We strive to offer our customers innovative campaigns that will withstand the test of time for many years.

Team Work

We at Al Khader & Samehco are proud of our team members as we form a cohesive homogeneous family, complementing each other with experience and creativity combined with a spirit of challenge and determination.

Success Partners

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