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We Are Professionals in !

Our Story

Samehco & Al khedr specializing in advertising services since 1989 to provide integrated advertising services contributed to the development of the advertising industry in egypt

samehco ?

Samehco & Al khedr have a qualified staff of professional technicians and factory equipment to be integrated output
and installation of all systems on the paintings in addition to the fullest.

  • Al-Khader & Samehco is engaged in welding the laser metal letters used in the work of the hologram of the store fronts and companies using the welding machine accurately and efficiently.

  • Al-Khader & Samhco provides plastic forming services in which plastic panels such as PVC, acrylic plastic sheets and polyester plastic sheets are used. It can form any three dimensional shape and can form thousands of shapes that serve several fields such as advertising agencies, decoration companies, packaging factories, casting molds.

  • Alkhader& Samehco Rolls stainless steel and zinc used in the work of shops and other destinations .., using the machine to wrap stainless steel accurately and high quality

  • We have the latest laser & router machine for drilling, cutting & milling of wood, acrylic &
    The work of huge billboards, storefronts and restaurants (cladding, wood, acrylic)
    Digging and drawing personal pictures on wood, working wooden portraits and drawing wooden tabloids
    Implement graduation projects for students of engineering colleges on wood, acrylic, and forex

  • In Al Khader & Samhco we provide the latest printing methods (Digital Printing – Flatbed Printing – Silk screen Printing ) with precision , high quality and clarity of colors according to the latest specifications and the latest printing machines.

  • The company has the latest fiber laser machine with high precision using the crossover speed, high efficiency and ability to deal with all kinds of metals, the machine is working on sheet, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals, the machine is the latest methods in the field of metal cutting and forming, Household tools, spare parts and foundries. The metal cutting department provides services to:
    Decoration companies
    Blacksmiths and gate makers
    Advertising companies

  • In Al-Khader & Samehco we are implementing the electronic screens at the highest quality and accuracy at premium prices

  • The company occupies a great position in the use of Cuter Plotter for cutting vinyl and raw light and printed Scotch used in traffic signs, auto reflectors and transport advertising.

Our Clients

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